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"When you're running wild, losing track of time, leaving her alone again, you gotta be a better man..." - I Love You Anyway

Over Ain't Over

"Watch our memory fade to black through the smoke of these cigarettes..." - Smoke


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"She'll start a fire, just to cry for help..." - Wildfire


"There ain't no buzz without a drink..." - Fire Without a Flame



I think it’s time for new running shoes. 150/1,000 miles for the year. Don’t worry about the rest of those New Years resolutions...


Reached in my koozie drawer and pulled out a memory

FUN ACTIVITY! This person called me today claiming to be the Social Security Administration. It’s clearly just one person with a phone. Blow him up so he can’t actually get someone.

Snow day treats! #snowingintexas #winterstormalert #panicmode #eatyourfeelings

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