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  • Zach Coffey
    Zach Coffey
    Vocals / Guitar
Zach Coffey
Vocals / Guitar

To say that Zach Coffey is different from most young country musicians would be an understatement. How many others sang opera in college?

Not only is his musical background different, but so is his approach to his performances. Consider one of the mantras he shares with the members of his band, Zach Coffey and the Grind.

“People are here on their free time to see us work — it’s an escape from the work week. Make it worth their time.”
“They worked all week, and this is their night off. They chose to come here, so let it be a vacation for them,” Coffey says. “No matter what level we’re at, there is someone out there who would kill to be in the position I am right now.”

That infectious enthusiasm for making music and entertaining audiences comes through loud and clear when the band is on stage and in the recording studio. Coffey’s smooth, versatile voice blends perfectly with the instruments and a fresh sounds.

The band burst into the Texas music scene, almost immediately after its inception in the summer of 2013. The group’s first single, I Love You Anyway, shot up to No. 8 on the Texas music chart; its follow-up single, Comin’ Back Around, also cracked the list of the top songs being produced in Texas and continues to climb. The band has a sound that suggests a much longer history, and has inspired comparisons to artists like Wade Bowen and the Eli Young Band. Coffey has enormous respect for those artists, but is not sure the comparisons are an exact match … which he sees as a good thing.

“We have been told we’re ‘not rough enough to play in Texas,’ or that we’re ‘not country enough,’” Coffey says. “But that’s not a bad thing. I’m glad that we don’t sound exactly like somebody else, because if I sound like somebody else, I’ll just be the next ‘somebody,’ and that’s hard to live up to. We admire a lot of people, but we feel like we have a unique sound, and our fans really like what we do. We play a style of music that moves us and hopefully people see that.”

The band’s sound has worked. Since the foursome came together, fans have turned out in droves, packing some of the top music venues in North Texas.”
Now the band’s audience continues to grow through a slate of performances across the Southwest, new original music and through avenues like the “Coffey Break” feature that appears each Wednesday on the band’s Facebook page. How large that audience will end up being is anyone’s guess.

“I don’t know,” Coffey says when asked about what he and his band might become. “I’ll never be complacent with where I am in my career, where we are as a band. We’re going to keep making music and keep reaching out to the people who come see us play. They enjoy the music, and we love making music for them.”

  • Andrew Ramirez
    Andrew Ramirez
    Lead Guitar
Andrew Ramirez
Lead Guitar

From San Angelo, Texas, the smallest man in the band grew up listening to blues players. His bluesy style brings something unique to the band and the country music scene.FUN FACT: Although he denies it, the band all agrees that he tips the scales at a mere 111 pounds.

  • Ian Hockett
    Ian Hockett
    Bass / Background Vocals
Ian Hockett
Bass / Background Vocals

From Dallas, Texas, Ian grew up composing and playing piano. He attended Oklahoma Baptist University with Zach and obtained his Masters in Music Composition from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University.FUN FACT: Ian can get down on the “Wobble”. But, you have to promise to buy him a Whataburger taquito afterwards.

  • Dillon
    Drums / Background Vocals
Drums / Background Vocals

From Corsicana, Texas, Dillon goes by one name. Not because he thinks he’s Madonna, but because he is an Army veteran and is used to being known as “Dillon”. Dillon served in Iraq and learned to play drums during his time there. He is a singer and guitar player in his own right as well.FUN FACT: He always shakes his head when Zach calls him out, but he might be the buffest drummer in Texas. He’s definitely the bodyguard of the band.



New Music Coming Soon!

I Love You AnywayZach Coffey
Coming Back AroundZach Coffey